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Developer : Inigames

Release date :  6 / Jan / 2020

Platforms : PC (Steam)

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Price :  $ 15.99

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Araha: Curse of Yieun Island is a survival horror game. You will explore the hospital on an island as 'the Boy' who is looking for his sister. Starting from the abandoned hospital, You will journey through the cursed island covering the Sharman's sanctum, Cemetary in the mountainside and more. Away from the ghosts, You must survive and find your sister!

"Must find out my sister!"

The Boy faces unimaginable danger along his journey to find out his passed sister's remains. Yieun Island, where countless people had been gone missing and found dead after a few days, was also known as 'the Hell on earth'. Still bearing spooky mysteries, The island has been off-limits from locals for a long time.
You, as the Boy, should explore this island with your bare hands and a flashlight alone. Could you find out your lost sister aside all the odds on the way? You can push your limits by playing this game!

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Inigames is a Korean game development company founded in May 2014. In July 2014, Inigames launched, on multiple mobile platforms (Google Play, App Store), its game Araha, which is the origin of Araha: Curse of Yieun Island. After being Greenlit by Steam in March 2015, Araha: Curse of Yieun Island went into development over a period of 4 years and 9 months. Araha: Curse of Yieun Island is scheduled to be launched globally by Steam on January 6, 2020.

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  • In Araha: Curse of Yieun Island, You will face various ghosts. They are also called as "Angry spirits" or "Specters" holding many different characteristics. You may sometimes find a safe spot or just run away to get lost them.

  • This game is based on aspects of Korean shamanism. A shaman will guide you to the mysteries of the cursed island, Ieundo.

  • The game will feature various maps including abandoned hospital, sanctum, cemetery and more. You will explore each place and use tools to solve problems and puzzles.

  • Location of items and movement of ghosts are randomly generated each time you run the game making it difficult to predict. this will maximize the horror in the game.


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